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Let’s Talk Turkey

No doubt Thanksgiving will be a bit different this year. This is a time to reflect and be thankful. Serving a delicious meal (even if

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Stuck in a Rut?

We are quick to blame the weather, upcoming holidays, work stress, and decreased daylight hours for slipping into a funk. We are in a rut

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Hike Your Own Hike

Say what? Simply stated, our journeys are unique. Our goals are unique. Why then, do we spend time comparing ourselves to others?  Theodore Roosevelt said,

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Willpower is Overrated

The people that have the most willpower use it the least.  It’s true.  Even the people that “have it all together” will falter from time

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Alcohol and Your Gains

Alcohol can derail your fitness and nutrition Research indicates that, when it comes to losing fat or gaining muscle, your nutrition plan makes up approximately

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