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    Personal Training

    Prescriptive Small Group Training

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    Our Process

    PHASE 1


    Meet with one of our highly qualified professionals so that we can determine who you are, where you are going, and the best path to get there for you.

    If we can help, we will. If we aren’t the right fit, we will find the place for you that is.

    Fill out the form below to schedule a Free Consult (seriously, we want to meet you!)

    PHASE 2


    Work 1-on-1 with a fitness professional to build foundational skills, habits, and foster the mindset necessary to reach your dream outcome that we discussed in the Assess phase.

    Think of this as laying the foundation for a life you are excited about living.

    PHASE 3


    At this point you are moving pain-free, you are feeling confident and competent about using your body, and you have accomplished the awesome success of building positive habits.

    Now we graduate you into an individually designed program and train in a semi-private environment (less than 7 people), all under the guidance of our expert professionals.

    PHASE 4


    You are now moving better than ever before, you have energy to explore new hobbies and interests once thought beyond your reach, and you finally feel like YOU..

    Now we want to maintain the incredible progress you have made, and this happens via a professionally designed program and on-going support from our team.

    What do people say about us?

    • The coaches at True North are amazing! I worked one-on-one with Nik who helped me work through and strengthen two injuries. I learned so much during that time that I will forever use to sustain my health!

      Randi Homburg
    • I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly professionally now for two years and I know how dedicated she is to her mission to assist her clients to live pain free. She has worked hard professionally to develop her team to meet clients where they are and help them achieve their goals. 

      Angi Halverson
    • The TNP coaches have helped me get into the best shape of my life. They helped me with my nutrition and meeting my goals. Wonderful environment to work out in, great community of members.

      Theresa Blohowiak
    • I have worked with the team at True North Performance both personally and professionally. Top-notch customized programming tailored to your lifestyle and goals. They truly care about your success, not just in the sense of physical fitness but quality of life, emotional and mental health too. As an endurance athlete that also has a labor intensive job, I was able to excel in areas of weakness via the customized programming and welcomed the lifestyle reminders to keep myself injury free and my body ready for whatever I was going to ask of it next. 

      Sara Friske
    • True North Performance is outstanding! I’ve been training there for a year now and the experience has been very fulfilling. I went in looking for a workout regimen and experience but what I’ve received is 10x my initial expectations. Not only are the workouts intense and challenging, True North goes 10 extra steps by discussing life outside of the gym and tailoring all of my training sessions around my lifestyle and demanding schedule. 10/10 would recommend!

      Jake Chambers
    • I stared meeting with Nik a year ago and he was able to get me back to exercising after 2 years off! I haven’t had to seek chiro care in over a year!! That hasn’t happened since before 2000! Make your health a priority!!

      Deb Murphy
    • True North is amazing! Kelly and all the trainers are always looking out for you and helping you be a better you. Whether you’re looking for physical improvement, emotional improvement, nutritional help, or all of these rolled into one, you will find it at True North Performance!

      Hope Spice


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