Stuck in a Rut?

We are quick to blame the weather, upcoming holidays, work stress, and decreased daylight hours for slipping into a funk. We are in a rut and so we step back from our own well-being (fitness, nutrition, sleep, etc.) and let the mood take hold. 

You can chalk it up to winter in Wisconsin or you can take a deep breath and realize there is a better way. What if YOU are holding yourself back from being happy?  What if it is boredom and not a mood or seasonal depression that is holding you back? 

Shake up your routine

Follow me on this… You flip through 100 channels on your TV hoping to find something to watch.  There are so many choices that they become white noise. Nothing is special. You are swept away by your daily routine. Not really making decisions but rather reacting to situations, putting out fires, and trying to stay ahead of whatever is next on the day’s agenda.  So how do you snap out of it?

Seven Easy Ways to Bring Joy to Your Day

Here are some easy ways to rediscover joy in your life:

1. Do something for someone else. You’ll get just as much (or more) in return for doing a good deed.

2. Start a DIY project.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Don’t forget to post the pictures (we like to see before and after pictures).

3. Plan a weekend trip or a date night. Put it on the calendar. Find something you both enjoy. Talk about it beforehand and let the anticipation build.

4. Read a book. Carve out “me time” and get lost in a good story.

5. Decorate for the holidays. Dig out all the sentimental stuff and put it where you can easily see it.

6. Plan a no-tech dinner with the family (no TVs, phones, computers, etc.).  Make the announcement early so everyone is prepared. Eat, talk, and connect with each other.

7. Make a list of things you truly want or want to do. Make a plan on how to make it happen.  

The idea here is to find things to look forward to and find ways to connect with people in your life.  It breaks up the routine so there is a little bright spot in your day.