Up Your Sleep Game!

We keep our phones/electronics charged up. Our vehicles are filled with gas. Are we doing the same with our bodies?

The CDC reports that one-third of US adults report that they usually get less than the recommended seven or more hours of sleep per night. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to many chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, and injury.

Gone are the days of glorifying short sleep or wearing it like a badge of honor. The facts and statistics prove that we can do better. The good news: we are all capable of sleeping better AND being MORE productive/healthy even while spending more time in bed. Here are a few tips for developing better sleep habits:

•Be consistent. Go to bed and wake up at the same times each day, including the weekends

•Make sure your bedroom is dark, relaxing, and cool

•Remove all electronics from the bedroom, like TVs, computers, and smart phones

•Avoid large meals, caffeine, and alcohol near bedtime

•Exercise. Being physically active during the day can help you fall asleep easily at night

•Develop a relaxing nightly routine that might include reading, stretching, a warm bath, etc

Developing good habits takes consistency over time. Our advice: pick one thing from that list and commit to it nightly. Once that becomes routine, add in another. Improve your sleep, improve your life.

Sleep tight!