Success: Ours and Yours

True North Performance is located at 1465 Cornell Rd in the Howard Industrial Park.  The team at True North Performance is committed to improving the total well-being of its members.  “We have seen the success of our members.  We have helped them incorporate physical activity in a manner that supports their lifestyle,” shared Kelly Demers, owner.  “Our commitment to helping people is more than just lip service.  We can show measurable results. We can substantiate that our members are improving their cardiovascular output, increasing their strength, and improving their flexibility and mobility.  Everyone has different wants, needs, and measures of success and the coaches train in a way that supports each one of our members.”

At True North Performance, coaches focus on a potent combination of quality movement and solid nutrition habits. Their methods stem from a preventative perspective, one that will reduce the risk factors associated with chronic conditions.  “Bottom line is that if you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll have to make time for your illness,” said Demers. “Our greatest success story will never be told. It’s the member that doesn’t have a heart attack or the member that doesn’t get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.”

True North Performance excels at meeting people where they are now with their level of fitness.  “There are so many people afraid to walk into the gym because they are out of shape or they are afraid of getting hurt, looking bad, not being able to keep up with the class, etc.  Our philosophy of meeting people where they are means that everyone can participate in a group setting and still feel like they are getting an individual training session,” shared Nik Patrick, Director of Training.  “Everyone is welcome,” said Patrick. “True North is really for anyone searching for better; better health and fitness, better relationships… collectively an all-around better version of themselves.”

As owner and dedicated coach of True North Performance, Demers wants to bring awareness to these issues of health in Wisconsin. She, along with other coaches, are partnering with small employers to build customized wellness programs. “Canned wellness programs are not going to do the trick if an employer wants to see a return on their investment. The prevalence of chronic disease, increasing health care costs, lost work days, and reduced productivity is a real concern for employers,” said Demers. “We know how to reverse the trend and our employer-partners reap the rewards by experiencing lower health care costs, greater worker productivity, and improved employee morale.”

For more information on customized wellness programs for employers, contact Kelly Demers at [email protected].

True North Performance is also the home of CrossFit Savvy.