Gratitude in Action

The gym is a great place to be for an hour but what about that time outside of the gym? Want to live a happier life? Practice gratitude. Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what we receive, tangible and intangible. It helps us connect to what is happening in our lives and allows us to be happier.

Leaders in the medical and mental health fields are continuing to discover benefits for practicing gratitude. The simple act of taking time to give thanks is linked to greater self-esteem, better relationships, increased levels of happiness, decreased levels of depression and anxiety, increased quality of sleep, reduced levels of pain, better stress management, and greater ability to handle adversity.

There are many ways to give thanks but one of the easiest ways is to just grab a piece of paper and a pen. Write for 5 minutes. It may be difficult at first but as the days pass, you will find it easier and more comfortable to write about all the gifts, blessings, and generally awesome things in your life. You don’t need a formal structure to begin… title the page “Good things” and start writing. This simple act can bring about life altering changes.