Progress is a Victory

Ahhh… The sweet taste of success.  There is nothing quite like achieving a goal you set for yourself.  But what happens if you come up short? What happens to all the gains you have made so far?

Progress takes time and patience

You set a goal for yourself, established a timeline, and went to work but things didn’t go as planned.  It can be frustrating.  The truth is the journey to a goal is rarely linear.  Why? Because life happens to all of us.  We all experience challenges, obstacles, and setbacks. 

Progress, however, is a clear step forward on your journey to your goal.  All is not lost. Progress is a victory.  Chalk one up for yourself in the win column.  Progress is not the same as a participant ribbon and it isn’t awarded to anyone sitting on the sidelines.  If you are actively pursuing a goal and you get closer that goal, that’s progress… that’s a win.  So many times, we give up on a goal because we “failed” or didn’t reach our goal in the allotted timeframe.  We forget to look at all the little wins and celebrate our journey.  Instead of saying “I failed”, what if we changed our narrative to “I know now that this way doesn’t work.  How can I alter my course to get closer to my goal?” 

Get clarity on your goal.  Revise your path, if necessary.  Take action.

You can do this!

Recognize that your journey may have set backs but those are temporary.  Keep taking steps forward.  You will get there eventually.  Take time in your journey to celebrate all the little successes along the way. Life is a beautiful adventure.  Enjoy the process of progress. 

If you have goals but aren’t quite sure of the best way to achieve them or are looking for ways to speed up your progress, schedule a free consultation and talk to one of our coaches.